Whitmore Sermon Library

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Date Title Presenter
2016-06-11 An Empty Tank Rich Magnuson Play
2016-06-04 Who is Your God Walter Ellis Play
2016-05-14 You Say Lord, Lord Drew Merson Play
2016-05-07 Mother's Day Steven Brownell Play
2016-04-23 Hold Fast Steve Trenholme Play
2016-04-09 Medical Missionary Work David Abbey / Traci Walden Play
2016-03-19 Contracts, Schedules, Documents and Budgets Brian Simon Play
2016-03-12 Winds of Strife Allen Ellyson Play
2016-03-05 Christian Family Steve Hamilton Play
2016-02-27 Highway to Holiness Robert Yverra Play
2016-02-20 Reasonable Acts of Worship 24/7 Steven Brownell Play
2016-02-13 2-13-16_Jim_Pederson.mp3 Play
2016-02-06 Glorifying Our Provider Steven Brownell Play
2016-01-30 God is Tremendous Steve Trenholme Play
2016-01-23 The Empty Seat Ron Greenlaw Play
2016-01-16 The Good News Abot the Gospel Steven Brownell Play
2016-01-09 Laboring into Rest Brad Smith Play
2016-01-08 1-2-16_Steven_Brownell.mp3 Play
2015-12-26 What Love Looks Like T. J. Knutson Play
2015-12-19 Blessed to Serve Steven Brownell Play
2015-12-26 Revelation of Hope Steven Brownell Play
2015-11-28 Something to Eat Uriel Belboda Play
2015-11-21 Be Thankful . . . We Are Loved Steven Brownell Play
2015-11-14 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Walter Ellis Play
2015-11-02 Drought Resistant Christians Rich Magnussen Play
2015-10-29 Fish Stories Steve Trenholm Play
2015-10-17 Don't Mess With It Steven Brownell Play
2015-10-10 Present Truth Prophecy Dave Bostrom Play
2015-10-03 Steven Brownell 10-3-15 Steven Brownell Play
2015-09-26 Ron Greenlaw Ron Greenlaw Play
2015-09-19 9-19-15 Steve Brownell Steven Brownell Play
2015-09-11 Where Will You Be When He Comes for You Brian Simon Play
2015-09-04 Who is God's True Friend? Steven Brownell Play
2015-08-28 Major Matters Brad Smith Play
2015-08-21 8-22-15 Drew Merson Play
2015-08-14 8-15-15 David Abbey.mp3 David Abbey Play
2015-08-07 Signs of Christ's Soon Return in His People David Abbey Play
2015-07-03 7-4-15 Steven Brownell Steven Brownell Play
2015-06-26 Steps to Success Caleb Johnson Play
2015-06-19 Omnipotent Forgiveness Steven Brownell Play
2015-06-12 Childrens Story & The Golden Years Robert Ybarra Play
2015-06-05 Sweet Hour of Prayer Allen Ellyson Play
2015-05-15 Steven_Brownell Steven Brownell Play
2015-05-08 How to Study the Bible & Spirit of Prophecy Drew Merson Play
2015-05-01 The Two Resurrections for the Wicked. Does it Matter? Steven Brownell Play
2015-04-24 Last Words Rich Magnuson Play
2015-04-17 Forever Faithful Steven Brownell Play
2015-04-10 Why Pray Jim Thoreson Play
2015-04-03 After All, What are Friends For Steven Brownell Play
2015-03-20 Avoid Being Walked On Ed Fargusson Play
2015-03-13 The Humanity of Jesus Play
2015-03-06 He Loved Them to the Limit Play
2015-02-27 Homesickness, God's Special Gift Warren Ashworth Play
2015-02-20 Preparation for Rain (Part 2) Steven Brownell Play
2015-02-13 The Glory of Christ Dave Bostrom Play
2015-02-06 Love Conquers _______!!! Steven Brownell Play
2015-01-30 The Lord is my Shepherd Ron Greenlaw Play
2015-01-23 Investigating the Investigative Judgement Brad Smith Play
2015-01-16 S-I-N Meets G-L-O-R-Y Steve Brownell Play
2015-01-09 The Man God Helped Allen Ellyson Play
2014-12-26 Mary's Country Cretch 12-27-14 Uriel Belboda Play
2014-12-19 The First L-A Meeting Robert Ybarra Play
2014-12-12 I am so thankful for Albert Beierle Play
2014-12-05 Glory to God in the Highest Steven Brownell Play
2014-11-21 Wayne Gungle Wayne Gungle Play
2014-11-14 Thanksgiving Steven Brownell Play
2014-11-07 A Living Stone Jim Thoreson Play
2014-10-31 A Leader Worth Following Steve Trenholme Play
2014-10-24 God's Great Gift T. J. Knutson Play
2014-10-03 Forgiveness Randy Hess Play
2014-09-26 Separation from the World Dave Bostrom Play
2014-09-19 Pray Without Ceasing Steven Brownell Play
2014-09-12 Casting Out Fear Ron Greenlaw Play
2014-09-05 John 3:16 Steve Trenholme Play
2014-08-29 Heaven Caleb Johnson Play
2014-08-23 Whose Is It? Uriel Belboda Play
2014-08-08 Collisions Rich Magnuson Play
2014-07-18 How the Physician Heals Drew Merson Play
2014-07-11 Share the Road Steve Trenholme Play
2014-06-27 Liberty and Justice for All Dave Bostrom Play
2014-06-20 In His Image Play
2014-06-13 The 10-Day Test Justin Creason Play
2014-06-06 The Enemy Peggy Morentin Play
2014-05-30 Signed, Sealed and Delivered Dave Bostrom Play
2014-05-23 Jesus, Who is He Anyway? Uriel Belboda Play
2014-05-16 Two Rich Men Brad Smith Play
2014-04-21 This is Our Father's World Steve Trenholme Play
2014-04-04 How to be Rich and Famous Sean Pitman Play
2014-03-28 Rich Magnuson Rich Magnuson Play
2014-03-14 3-15-14_Murray_Miller.mp3 Murray Miller Play
2014-03-07 Born to Make a Difference Dave Bostrum Play
2014-02-28 Risky Business (Baby Dedication) Mark Witas Play
2014-02-14 Deeper Look Murray Miller Play
2014-02-07 Love is . . . Steve Trenholme Play
2014-01-17 Tarry Murray Miller Play
2014-01-10 I Have Seen God's Hand Warren Ashworth Play