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  • A lady was attacked by Islamic people and survived now one more surgery and the blessing is done thank you for praying. this report came in from The voice of the martyrs magazine online.
    Steven Drago - Aug 28 2011
  • Lets open this time with praise I claim Psalms 145-150 in gratitude for what our father has done in Jesus Christ for the salvation of the wold and first of all this will vindicate his character. Now please request that the LORD grants to everyone in the town of Davis California the blood of Jesus the Armor of GOD the mind of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit for the rest of this month. My Lord cannot do this with me on My knees alone but you belong to HIM and to me as HIS right are to offer Salvation to over 60000 people and one day soon the four of us will meet HIS lost sheep then we can rejoice. God Bless you.
    Steven Drago - Aug 06 2011
  • My sister Martha is very ill. Will you please pray that her health be restored according to the will of God
    Daniel Van Zant - Jul 30 2011
  • I am reading a book again and I have been impressed to send out this prayer request for a man named SAM who has chosen His job over victory over sin thank you.
    Steven Drago - Jul 11 2011
  • There is a family who left us 2 years ago that need prayer. I have claimed every scripture passage read in My morning devotional time in the hope The Lords internal presence, power, and word will bond with their minds and restore them to our worldwide family.
    Steven Drago - Jul 05 2011
  • unbelief is a pain and By it the darkness has gained victories which needs to be atoned for and the blood applied with conviction from the word exact and to the point with power to overcome but since the Lord has no local body it will be hard to lay hands on me personally to channel HIS power out of others to finish it off so this will have to due thank you.
    Steven Drago - Jun 30 2011
  • this is a presidential prayer team report that Just came in this morning I will copy and paste it as is. For the people of Minot to get safely away from the flood areas. For the communities downstream that will also be facing the potential for massive flooding. For the wisdom for officials of the Army Corps of Engineers as they step up dam releases to try to alleviate additional problems.
    Steven Drago - Jun 23 2011
  • there is an event the amazing facts school of evangelism in Sacramento on Aug 3 the GC president will be there but it's $350 and I only receive social security disability and can't afford it I need help. 2nd I need a laptop computer so while at redwood camp meeting in order to connect to this network of 103 Adventist prayer groups to defend the victims who will be attacked. thank you.
    Steven Drago - Jun 19 2011
  • all ready I have received indication of the outpouring of the latter rain on the NCC churches one pastor Steve Mchan is receiving love from the congregation in the form of the laying on of hands and receiving the LORD'S love and strength praise Him.
    Steven Drago - Jun 17 2011
  • We have a group of youth from our church that is going on a mission trip to Mongolia, to minister to orphans. They are in desperate need of a dentist to go with them,A friend named Jin is being allowed to take the test early in hopes of being able to go with them. Please pray that he passes. Syrians are being beaten viciously by members of their own country while tied up as they are caught trying to leave the country, please pray for religious freedom, freedom to come and go and for peace in that country.
    Steven Drago - Jun 15 2011
  • My brother Eric Norman has been struggling and there is no forgiveness or reconciliation since 2005. please request the outpouring of the latter rain and conviction of sin to see which side He is on. And I hope this will have an effect at least before redwood camp meeting in July.Our Fathers power within you is unleashed in prayer to overpower sin HOPE.
    Steven Drago - Jun 14 2011
  • Jim Mitchell has 4th stage cancer thank you for lifting Him up.
    Steven Drago - Jun 13 2011
  • please request the outpouring of the latter rain for all the churches in the northern California Conference and for me because I will be targeted.
    Steven Drago - Jun 09 2011
  • Will you please pray for my nephew who has cancer and just had surgery. He is only 30 years old and has a family. His name is Branon Hill Thank you and God Bless.
    Dan Van Zant - Mar 11 2011
  • I'm working on a personal ministry and would like to ask that you pray for me. I'm seeking Gods direction. Blessing and thank you Dan Phone 530-547-5705
    Daniel Van Zant - Feb 18 2011